IP Protection

Problem Clairvoyante’s product was Intellectual Property regarding innovative technology for the display industry. Clairvoyante needed a way to ensure that Clairvoyante IP was protected.
Analysis NDA’s and joint development agreements were in place with all development partners. These agreements specified treatment of IP between the companies.
Action Working with IP counsel, Matt developed processes to ensure that all content was properly labeled, all disclosures were logged, and all communications archived. He oversaw the exchange of all IP to Japanese partners.
Result After several years, a patent dispute arose between Clairvoyante and one of its partners. The archives Matt maintained provided a clear history of idea exchange, which aided Clairvoyante in the resolution of the issue.


“Sakino Consulting understands the communications protocol requirements and expectations.”
— Kristen Ingalz, Healthcare Marketing Manager, Panasonic