Special Requirements for Japanese Market

Problem Maginet delivered video systems to hotels in the Asia Pacific region. Japanese hotels would not accept the systems as-is, requiring extraordinary customization for each installation.
Analysis Video system requirements for most regions were very uniform from hotel to hotel. Not so in Japan where every hotel had special requirements that needed to be addressed. This customization was untenable for Maginet to manage from its office in North America.
Action Entered a joint development relationship with a small engineering firm in Japan to produce custom systems for each hotel installation. Oversaw the technical activities between Maginet and the partner, and flew to Japan to support installations.
Result Maginet penetrated the Japanese hotel market with over 30 high end properties including the Hotel Okura chain. Japan was one of Maginet’s best markets.


“Sakino Consulting is a triple play. They know the Japanese culture, language and way of doing business. They know engineering and technology. And, Sakino has a proven track record of experience and credibility with both American and Japanese companies.”

— Stu Kaler, IP Counsel, Clairvoyante