The Software Download

Problem The Panasonic branded version of the ReplayTV DVR had a fixed launch date, which could not be slipped without great expense. There was a software bug in the product that Panasonic did not want to ship to customers.
Analysis Previous Panasonic products did not have the capability to be updated after shipping to customers. The Panasonic technical team members were skeptical that a software download was a viable solution to delivering a software fix.
Action Matt took a unit with the software problem to Japan. He explained in Japanese how the unit could receive new software upgrades over the network. Matt demonstrated the software upgrade process and how the software bug was fixed with the new version of software. He showed Panasonic how reliable software download process was.
Result Panasonic grew confident of the ability to upgrade software once the product shipped. Based on this confidence, Panasonic launched the product on schedule. The software was upgraded in the field to the satisfaction of Panasonic, without customers ever being aware that there was a bug.


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— Kimberly Wiefling, Wiefling Consulting and former Program Manager, ReplayTV