Why Us

Sakino Consulting smoothes communication, fills the gaps and builds mutual trust, respect and working relationships between American and Japanese companies.

Typical Challenges Faced by

American Companies

Japanese Companies

“We want to reduce decision making time with our Japanese partner.” “We want firm commitments earlier in relationship.”“We want better alignment between our team and the Japanese team.”“We want to understand how to work together better.”“We want progress to come more quickly and more smoothly.”“We want to understand what’s going on.”“We want to know when they are going to sign the contract.”“We want the best resources, the A-team.”“We want less difficulty communicating with our Japanese partner.”





Sakino Consulting:

Listening, understanding and bringing both sides together.

“We want the American partner to allow us time to work our process.”“We want to build a relationship based on trust.”“We want time to consider possibilities and consequences.”“We want to be careful not to jump to conclusions.”“We want to build a relationship based on harmony, not conflict, and want to choose our words to promote that.”“We want our American partners to understand our decision making process.”“We want the American company to be more patient.”“We want better alignment of priorities between our two companies.”

“We want to be able to explain our position to our partner more effectively. “

Trust, Understanding, Credibility, Strong Working RelationshipResults, Move Things Along, EducateROI, Increased Speed, Signed Contracts, Product Launch Trust, Understanding, Credibility, Strong Working RelationshipTeam, Educate, Consistency, Fit, BalanceLong Term Relationship


“Sakino Consulting does not simply stand on one side of the fence. Rather, they stand in the middle and bring both sides closer to each other.”

- Kristen Ingalz, Healthcare Marketing Manager, Panasonic