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Keizai Society

This is one of my favorite networking groups. Keizai Society is a San Francisco Bay Area based networking organization for businesses and professionals. One of its primary purposes is to provide a venue for programs that showcase specialists with expertise on issues critical for the success of entrepreneurs and companies doing business with Japan and the U.S.

Wiefling Consulting

Kimberly Wiefling helps companies accomplish the seemingly impossible. I can attest to this as I have experienced firsthand working with Kimberly, accomplishing an impossible goal. Kimberly spends much of her time consulting for Japanese companies interested in developing and transforming their management team into bold leaders. Kimberly is a dear friend, and I recommend her to anyone or any company ready to challenge themselves to accomplish a seemingly impossible but only merely difficult goal.

Japan Intercultural Consulting

Rochelle Kopp and her team at Japan Intercultural Consulting provide international training, coaching and consulting for Japanese companies. Having attended a workshop with Rochelle, I appreciate her approach to building empathy and understanding between team members working in a multicultural environment. Japan Intercultural Consulting is based in the USA with offices in Japan, Mexico and the UK.

Silicon Valley-Japan Business Consulting

Mark Kato is a talented business and marketing professional with operational experience in both Japan and the US. Mark helps Japanese companies launch successful business in the US, and he helps American companies launch successful business in Japan. Mark is extremely well connected having worked at the who’s-who of big companies in Silicon Valley and now serving as the co-president of the Keizai Society.

Strategic Marketing Solutions

Deb Siegle of Strategic Marketing Solutions is an insightful marketing professional with a talent for aligning a company’s products, solutions and messages with the customer’s needs. Deb listens to the voice of the customer, analyzes what she hears, and creates a resonating vision, direction, and experience for her clients. She delivers actionable marketing results that increase customer loyalty and revenues.

Matt Schlegel’s Blog about Problem Solving

Matt Schlegel developed a methodology that he uses to help companies solve big challenges that require cross-functional participation. Matt blogs about the methodology, the experiences he has had using it, and compares the methodology with other popular approaches. Matt has used this methodology successfully at a number of companies including HP, Palm, NewTek and Xcelaero.

Medaka no Gakko

Medaka no Gakko (school of little fish) is a parent cooperative summer program open to all children entering first through sixth grade. This program is designed to develop an awareness of Japanese culture and an appreciation for the diversity that makes up our society today. Operated in Palo Alto, CA, the program runs for 3 weeks in late June and early July. Matt Schlegel serves as a board member for the program; all his children have participated in the program.