Face-to-Face Meeting Communications

Problem Engineering team meetings between Panasonic and ReplayTV team were not going well.  Information was not being shared freely.
Analysis When the ReplayTV team asked a question of the Panasonic team, the Panasonic team would discuss the issue in Japanese. At points, the Panasonic team would stop and think, and there would be silence. The ReplayTV team would interpret this silence as a refusal to answer the question and would move on to the next question.
Action Matt coached the ReplayTV team to wait patiently, even if there were moments of silence, until the Panasonic team responded (fully).
Result This simple adjustment allowed the flow of information to resume. The teams moved forward and had a productive meeting, increasing the pace of the product development effort.


“Sakino Consulting’s thinking is based on the internal conversation by our Japanese partner. They understand and explain why something is, or is not, being said. Sakino fills in the blanks based on their experience.”

— Chellappa Balan, Chief Technology Officer, Xcelaero