Working within its extensive team of experts, Sakino Consulting supports Japanese and American business with all aspects of transactions, from ideation and product development to brokering and marketing. We work with partners all over the world and cover many different aspects of both Japanese and American business needs.

    Some of the services Sakino Consulting provides:

  • Develop and negotiate joint venture business agreements and product development agreements
  • Develop business, intellectual property (IP), technical and product development strategies
  • Provide execution oversight and guidance
  • Provide both verbal and written Japanese-English translation of technical content, patent applications, educational material and business communications
  • Provide back channel communications or ‘nemawashi’
  • Provide intercultural, bilingual program management services
  • Provide bug (issue) tracking, translation and communications
  • Provide cross-cultural insight and perspective
  • Build strong and trusting relationships and partnerships


“Sakino Consulting understands the internal structure of the organizations, who the decision makers are, who the influencers are, the personality types and how to relate to each. They were able to help us develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect where we could accomplish great things for both companies.”
— Chris Thollaug, co-founder and COO Clairvoyante