Consulting for American Companies

Sakino Consulting helps American companies achieve extraordinary results in their product development efforts with Japanese companies.

Oftentimes, our US clients are involved in product development projects with Japanese companies and need help managing the project – Sakino is there to smooth the way and ensure the project moves forward. There is an engineering and a business aspect to this effort, as it requires the coordination of the US business partnering with a Japanese business to bring the product to market. As well as cultural and language translations, intellectual property protection must be taken into account. The Sakino team helps our US clients with the business arrangement by advising on IP protection strategies and consulting with both US and Japanese engineers to achieve their common goals.

Services we typically provide:

  • Help US companies define a strategy for entering the Japanese market
  • Understand the regulatory environment and assist in navigating the regulatory process
  • Identify channel partners for products
  • Help ensure intellectual property protection
  • Ensure smooth communication between US & Japanese engineers
  • Provide both verbal and written Japanese-English translation of technical content, patent applications, educational material and business communications
  • Provide cross-cultural insight and perspective